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Neal Bro, Designated Broker
20 Years of retail management, merchandising and marketing mixed with Tanker/
Oilfield Trucking almost killed me (or certain members of my family!). 5 years in Saudi
Arabia, training managers and supervisors in Situational Leadership, Appraisals,
Discipline, PDFR, TB/PS, KVI's, KPI's and English Humour
.... helped me understand
how management should work (Cracking a whip, ramrodding, heavy handed,"dumbass"
remarking are not management!). Success came back into play. Another 5 years working with process re-engineering and bid quantification in UK banks and railroads showed me that "teams" focused, can accomplish so much more than individuals... &... that Management can screw that up for a bonus!

Came home to America after 10 years Overseas. Took up golf event planning and tournament management. Event planning was very much like project management
with an uncontrolled element called “Volunteers”.  I had 7 great years running golf
events. 9/11 slapped me and the amateur golf event business in the face and again...

 Real Estate!  In my 13th year now and I’m where I want to be.  
Exceptional Loyalty, integrity, diligence, hard work and knowledge should be real estate
and should be rewarded.... Should to be rewarded!   Helping People is key to successful real estate... combined with Knowledge, Integrity and Professional Behavior!

Designated Broker! This has been a positive change! I can't wait to get to work each
morning. After 50 years of wondering if I should have been a policeman or fireman or
cowboy; I found a niche I like and do great in; helping couples find homes that fit their
lives and lifestyles.... still, at 63, the policeman thing intrigues me.... "do as I say... not as I do!" gotta luv that life!

Neal Bro
Designated Broker
Neal Bro Realty, LLC
Bro Properties, AZ

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